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Thursday, July 14, 2011

Signs Of Breast Cancer

Cancer is one deadly disease that is spreading all around the world and the reason for so many deaths. There are many reasons for the cause of cancer and today there are various types of cancer where mainly breast cancer is the most common which is found in women.

Many women today fear the big, 'C' and breast cancer among women is usually caused by age where the woman grows older she is more prone, inheritance, early menopause could be another major reason and exposure to harmful chemicals. Signs of breast cancer has to be noticed before it is too late.

Most women however, do not know the signs of breast cancer, These are some things a woman should know about this deadly disease which is spreading fast.
To check on if you maybe a victim to breast cancer, test yourself.

1.A lump in the breast which is apparently the first sign of breast cancer. The lump in the breast is usually like a thick swelling followed by redness in that area.

2.Check the underarm area which is the most important when testing for breast cancer. If there is swelling under the arm pit like a lump formation it is advisable to see a doctor.

3.Other signs of breast cancer is the change of look on the nipple. If there is any unusual texture or formation on the nipple along with strange discharge like a clear color or with that of blood then it is best to go in for a test.

4.Watch out for other signs of breast cancer which is where the skin will be hot to touch, a rash on the entire breast or near the breast, itchiness or unbearable pain in the breast region or even swelling on the neck.

These are some of the common signs of breast cancer. It is mandatory that every woman does this test to make sure she is free from this deadly disease.

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